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JnA Baby Nurse Care will provide service and educate you about your:


Certified Baby Nurses to care for your precious bundles of joy


First class infant care all five boroughs as well as CT, LI, NJ and PA.


Tiny Toddlers have big energy! We have nurses to watch over their safety.

At JnA Baby Nurse Care we provide our client with only experienced certified baby nurses that provide first class service. We cover all five boroughs as well as Connecticut, Long Island New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In any case of any emergency, a certified baby nurses will be provide to assist with the service; our baby nurse are available 24/7 once needed by clients.


sleeping babyA baby nurse is a certified newborn care specialist who helps parents with their baby and provides them with service that doesn’t require medical attention. They are not RN’s or LPN’s but they are well trained and experienced in all aspects of newborn care. They often assist parents at night with a newborn.

A night baby nurse works a 12-hour shift that starts in the PM to AM. This allows parents to catch up on rest. The night baby nurse can also provide the same service as a 24-hour baby nurse from AM to AM if requested by clients.

Our baby nurse will come to your home and provide the following services.

  • Organizing the nursery
  • Preparation of bottles and washing/cleaning /sterilizing
  • Feeding, changing your baby
  • Bathing/or assist with parents
  • Breastfeeding guidance
  • Swaddling
  • Sleep training
  • Lactation support
  • Cord and circumcision
  • Initiating a schedule for sleeping
  • Meals, nap and playtime
  • Advising and providing any requested consultation on infant needs.

At JnA Baby Nurse Care, our baby nurses specialize in:

  • Single baby
  • Twins & Triplets
  • Multiples Care

These rates are for single baby; twins and triplets will be at an additional cost:

  • Overnight Baby Nurse Service -$20/hrs. +
  • 24 hours Baby Nurse Service $300/+
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