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JnA Baby Nurse Care will provide service and educate you about your:


Certified Baby Nurses to care for your precious bundles of joy


First class infant care all five boroughs as well as CT, LI, NJ and PA.


Tiny Toddlers have big energy! We have nurses to watch over their safety.

At JnA Baby Nurse Care we provide our client with only experienced certified baby nurses that provide first class service. We cover all five boroughs as well as Connecticut, Long Island New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In any case of any emergency, a certified baby nurses will be provide to assist with the service; our baby nurse are available 24/7 once needed by clients.


Joan was an exceptional baby nurse to our twin boys from October 2012 and stayed with us for 4 months. She was a blessing to us and helped ease the transition of two new additions to our family. We couldn’t have done it without her. Joan is amazing at taking charge and establishing strict and steady routines.

She is very diligent and professional. We were very impressed at how quick the boys adapted to the sleeping schedules without any pacifiers that she established before 3 months. As a second time mom, and to twin boys, it was very different from my first and Joan made me feel so secure and very elated with our decision to hire her. She is very kind, thoughtful and reliable.

It is clear that she definitely knows how to do her job and any family that has the pleasure of working with her will be extremely grateful in the end as we were. She came highly recommended to me and therefore I can extend the same courtesy to any other family because she is a wonderful baby nurse.

-D. Pagani.

Our Laila Rose was god sent a little rose that we had been waiting for months to come. We just needed a little help, and reached out to Joan. To help understand exactly what our little angel needed. Joan knew exactly what do and says to make our little princess feel right at home. Thank you so much Joan we adore you for this and appreciate all of your assistance.

-V,C & Laila Rose

Joan our baby nurse at J&A baby nurse care really made it happen for me and my new family. My baby girl is growing up so fast and wonderful and just the right way a baby should. We have no sleeping problems, no feeding problem omg i can’t complain. Joan came and provides us with the best service and my baby girl just adapt to all her training.

Just like to say thank you very much Joan for your wonderful service and keep up the good work.

-K. Roberts.

I am going to start off by saying that j&a baby nurse care have very good worker. Afeisha was one of our baby nurse, she is hardworking, trustworthy and always provides us with quality care service.

Afeisha worked with my new born baby girl, Amy for 9 months. I remember nights before Afeisha came in to work, Amy would cry and my husband and I would try everything. Afeisha would show us what to do when Amy was crying and it worked every time. That was our first baby and I was so happy to have her working with my family.

We had a 9-month contract with Afeisha, but it was extended to one year. It was the best one year experience! Amy learned how to sleep through the night and my husband and I know what to do if she starts crying. I must say thank u Afeisha for your wonderful service.

-A. Grant.

Lisa was an exceptional and reliable baby nurse to our precious daughter Athena. We knew from the day we met her that she would work perfect with her jovial personality and warm spirit to us first time parents. She was very patient and understanding; answered all our questions and helped us tremendously with our daughter. She had her on a strict routine and it’s still in place to this day. We love her and miss her so much and she still spends time with us and Athena from time to time. Having her work with any family is a blessing. She is very professional and has great work ethics. Very reliable and trust worthy. WE LOVE HER.

-T&V. Vitello.

Joan was our night nurse in late 2014 for our newborn baby Quinn (our first). She was an amazing night nurse and we would highly recommend her. She is reliable and conscientious, but more than that, she has a great deal of experience with young babies (and new parents!). As a result, she was thoughtful and flexible in responding to Quinn’s changing behavior, and gave us valuable advice in making Quinn happy and comfortable during the day. Joan was a tremendous help and a great resource for us as we adjusted to our new family member!

At the beginning of her term with us, Joan told us that within 3 months she would have Quinn sleeping through the night. We were a little skeptical, given all of the tales of sleep deprivation lasting well into the first year that I’ve heard from other new parents. I’m very happy to report that at the end of Joan’s 12 week term, Quinn was sleeping 11-13 hours with almost no wake-ups and very little fuss getting to bed, and her sleep habits have continued through the subsequent five months! How’s that for results!?

We have kept in touch with Joan since, and she has continued to be a very helpful resource for us. She has filled in for us when our day nanny has needed take time off, and has a great network of referrals for sitters and other professionals. She is a career professional and we are very happy to know her.

-Mr. & Mrs. Seaton

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